About Me

I’m Googie, I’m 23, I live in New Zealand and I really need stable a job. You should employ me. Please. I have over 4 years of music teaching experience and have subjected my labour to wage relations in various ways.

Also I am studying Politics and International Relations. I like engaging with poststructuralist, postcolonial, marxist, queer, green, and feminist thought. I’m into activism. Do you think that makes me employable? I think it makes me employable.

Here I’m just going to post some of my writings and engage with other bloggers. Heavily critique me in the comments section, yo.

This blog kinda started from a paper which wanted students to make a blog and post up 3 800 word pieces. I thought they were good then but I read them back thinking eww wtf. So I thought I’d continue blogging on IR. But yea I don’t think I ended up blogging on IR but queer studies mostly.

A nice lil photo. I know other people won’t find it a nice photo but I do so, yea.

If you want to contact me: anik119@aucklanduni.ac.nz


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