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Sexuality and the Categorization of Populations

  In How and for whom does gender matter? Rethinking the concept of sexual orientation (2013), Alison Better and Brandy Simula problematize “gender-centric” (665) understandings of ‘sexual orientation,’ arguing instead for a broadening of sexuality research to encompass dimensions of

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Who Is The Hegemon in Hegemonic Masculinities?

Hegemonic Masculinities In Rethinking Hegemonic Masculinity in a Globalizing World (2008) Christine Beasley provides a critique and reconceptualization of R. W. Connell’s theory of hegemonic masculinities. A central concern of Beasley with hegemonic masculinity is Connell’s depiction of the pinnacle

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Spaces of Oppression: The Convergence of Feminism with Imperialism

The female subject has been imbricated into the reproduction of the ‘Self’ to continue Orientalist discourses within nationalist formations of exceptionalism. Yet gender exceptionalism does not mark the end of patriarchy, but its reproduction through the female figure. It renderes

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Helen Clark for Secretary-General of the United Nations?

(NOTE: this blog post was for a class assignment. It has ended up getting a lot of traffic and It’s making me uneasy because I highly dislike Helen Clark and can’t be bothered changing the post to sound less supportive

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