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The Just War Theory’s ‘Other’ – Ethics of Drone Strikes in Pakistan

Introduction – Just War Theory and the War on Terror Questions of morality have been integral to discourses and debates of the contemporary war on terror. Following the attacks on September 11th, and on the same day, US President George

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The Bulldozer as a Modern Weapon of Warfare

In a January 26, 2001, interview with Ha’aretz, Israeli President Ariel Sharon was asked how he would respond to Palestinian snipers shooting at the new Jewish settlements of Gilo, to which Sharon responded that he “would eliminate the first row

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The Ghosts of the Housing Crisis – a Critique of State-Housing

  Which ghosts have been folded into life and through the effacing of which ghosts concurrently, erased, forgotten and folded out towards death? A spectre is haunting Aotearoa… The spectre of colonization. The housing crisis is an assemblage hooked into

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Should New Zealand have a Holiday to Commemorate the Land Wars?

(I wrote this like 8 months ago, its a bit outdated.) The Land Wars of New Zealand, despite having little space in public consciousness, were among the most significant events in the production of modern New Zealand. These wars began following

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The Role of Maori Land Rights Activism in the 1970’s in Reacquiring Maori Land

As a nation-state where the indigenous population has been denied de-colonization and self-determination, alienation from land has been among Maori grievances since the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in 1840, which had contrarily promised Maori sovereignty over their lands.

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A Memorial to the Victims of The MSF Hospital Bombing

Even to those concerned about civilian casualties in the ‘War on Terror,’ innocent lives lost due to War on Terror policies can often become faceless numbers. Number which are often murky and unknown, often intentionally covered up, often justified as opposed

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Orientalism and the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations

This post has also been published on Mangal Media From the Democratic-leaning supporters to the Republican-leaning opponents, Orientalist conceptions have dominated Western representations of the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations. While many differing perspectives on the topic exist, the two dominant voices in this

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