Spaces of Oppression: The Convergence of Feminism with Imperialism

The female subject has been imbricated into the reproduction of the ‘Self’ to continue Orientalist discourses within nationalist formations of exceptionalism. Yet gender exceptionalism does not mark the end of patriarchy, but its reproduction through the female figure. It renderes

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A Memorial to the Victims of The MSF Hospital Bombing

Even to those concerned about civilian casualties in the ‘War on Terror,’ innocent lives lost due to War on Terror policies can often become faceless numbers. Number which are often murky and unknown, often intentionally covered up, often justified as opposed

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Our Common But Differentiated Responsibility Concerning Climate Change

Is it fair for ‘developing’ countries to pollute more than ‘developed’ countries? The notion of ‘common but differentiated responsibility’ (CBDR) emerged as a pillar of environmental law to equitably delineate political responsibilities in regards to made-made climate change.[1] Though the

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Orientalism and the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations

From the Democratic-leaning supporters to the Republican-leaning opponents, Orientalist conceptions have dominated Western representations of the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations. While many differing perspectives on the topic exist, the two dominant voices in this controversy have found common ground through evoking an us/them

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Abu Ghraib torture and the Orientalist Construction of the ‘Muslim body’: A Critique of US Exceptionalism

The disturbing images of torture in the US-led Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq sent shockwaves around the world as graphic photographs of US guards torturing and humiliating Iraqi detainees spread across cyberspace in 2004. The images displayed naked bodies heaped

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Helen Clark for Secretary-General of the United Nations?

(NOTE: this blog post was for a class assignment. It has ended up getting a lot of traffic and It’s making me uneasy because I highly dislike Helen Clark and can’t be bothered changing the post to sound less supportive

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